Dog Calm With or W/O Ginger

Dog Calm With or W/O Ginger

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Someone shot a shotgun down the road from poor dog jumps up out of a dead sleep and starts running into the walls, then into the door of the bathroom then i hear a horrific crash and dog had crashed through the closed glass door in the shower and was covered in glass and blood;all while trying to get away from the sound of a shot gun blast. Now your dog may not be that bad, but if your pet is afraid of loud noises, or is just a bit jumpy or nervous you need this Dog Calm. Made to help relax your dog and help calm them down in instances such as thunder or fire works. Simply add to a small amount of food or a treat and hour before needed, or give it daily for more generalized relaxation. Also comes with Ginger for Dogs who have a hard time with traveling.

Coconut Oil, Passionflower, Valerian Root, Yarrow Flowers, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Oat Straw, Spearmint, Bladder wrack, Vegetable Glycerin. Ginger.

Dogs 5-20lbs 4 drops. 21-40 9 drops. 41-55 20 drops 56 and over 25 drops. If more is needed add a few drops after 30 minutes.