Aria | Crystal Brown

Aria | Crystal Brown

SKU: c3c5e633

Blue Light Blocking Lens Technology | Fashionable Unisex Eye Glasses Frames

Aria is a bold spirit who lives life on the edge. 

  • 100% UV Protection
  • Unisex Glasses
  • Anti-Blue Light Lens
  • Crystal Brown Frames
  • Square, Round Shape
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • One Size Fits Most: Total Width: 145mm / Bridge: 18mm / Lens Width: 57mm / Height: 50mm / Arm: 135mm

12 Eyewear by Twelve® embodies the spirit of NYC. The grit, charm, originality, diversity, and everything in between is what drives our brand identity. Our team of industry experts — headquartered in the Big Apple — recognizes that a growing number of people are now working from home, staring at their smartphones and laptops at a higher rate than ever. Naturally, this leads to overexposure to screens, which has a negative effect on the eyes. So we took matters into our own hands by providing a much needed solution.   


Our Blue-Light filtering, anti-glare, scratch resistant, waterproof lenses shield your eyes and enhance your digital viewing experience. We specialize in high quality lenses that filter/block out harmful blue light rays emanating from digital screens and devices, creating the optimal viewing experience for you! Exposure to blue light rays may lead to macular degeneration, eye strain, migraines, and disruption of sleep cycles. Our anti-glare reflective coating provides scratch resistance, ultra durability, and visual sharpness and clarity to maintain peak performance and stamina. Our flexible spring hinges support high-quality lightweight polycarbonate and copper frames, which greatly reduces pressure on your temples and nose-bridge to help alleviate headaches.


Having trouble falling asleep, experiencing eye fatigue, or suffering from headaches? Studies show that blue light emanating from the screens of digital devices is damaging to the eyes, causing them to strain and age rapidly, while potentially leading to macular degeneration. Additionally, disrupted sleep patterns and migraines are just some of the many side effects scientists have discovered. 


Twelve® glasses shield your eyes from the negative effects caused by excessive use of TV, smart phones, and computers. And if you’re a gamer, our anti-blue light lens technology allows you to achieve extended productivity for a competitive advantage in the gaming world. Our fashion-forward frames are also ideal for the outdoors, providing 100% UV Protection just like your favorite pair of sunglasses (only without the dark shades). We utilize cutting-edge design to not only produce high performance lenses, but to also showcase them in the most stylish unisex frames—perfect for everyday wear. And we make sure you look good by providing trendy and classic unisex frames that complete any look, whether casual or chic. Twelve® frames make for a thoughtful gift, but make sure to treat yourself first!



Protected Eyes | Perfected Style

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